A prime concern for the farmer

A significant focus of production is the welfare of the salmon, on which the health and quality of fish flesh depend.

Stocking density in the pens is normally restricted to 1.5% fish and 98.5% water. This low density allows the fish to move around with ease, reduces stress, contributes to good health and guarantees high flesh quality.

Careful monitoring, a balanced diet to satisfy the natural requirements of the fish and, above all, an environment respectful of their needs ensure the sustainable production of a high quality salmon.

Label Rouge salmon takes time to grow. The average lifespan of a Label Rouge Scottish salmon is two to three years. The fish can spend up to 15 months in freshwater before being transferred to seawater where they can remain for a period between 12 and 36 months, depending on the size of the fish when harvested.


Strictly controlled, high quality feed

The Scottish salmon farming industry guarantees high quality, carefully monitored feed, composed entirely of products of marine origin, vegetable materials, minerals, vitamins and carotenoid pigments.