A benchmark for quality

The quality manual for Label Rouge LA 33/90 specifies all the requirements for attaining this superior quality standard.

The PGI manual defines the criteria for product origin.

The following are significant elements of Label Rouge Scottish salmon’s exceptional quality :

  • The feed is composed entirely of products of marine origin, vegetable materials, vitamins and carotenoids

  • The flesh contains a maximum of 16% lipid

  • An identification system is implemented to ensure traceability of the salmon throughout the production process up to point of sale, guaranteeing origin and compliance with the stringent production criteria

  • Freshness guaranteed by an "eat by date" of 10 days after harvesting

  • Salmon are reared in accordance with codes of best practice and with respect for fish welfare, the environment and sustainability

  • Maximum stocking density in seawater pens is 1.5% fish and 98.5% water

  • Guaranteed Scottish origin